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Application Load Balancing and Bandwidth Control


Controlled Application Traffic Management

- Load balance based on ISP's available bit rate

- Set thresholds to allow overflow based load balancing

- Fastest round trip time ISP path per destination

- Throttle down or drop unwanted high volume traffic

QoS, Traffic Shaping, Rate Limiting

- Give VoIP more priority

- Multi-link and single link QoS

- Multi-class traffic definition

- Hard rate limits enforced

Application Load Balancing Solution

With more applications demanding higher and higher Internet bandwidth, businesses are discovering that their Internet connections are becoming congested. Increasing your internet link capacity or adding additional Internet connections will help alleviate the congestion.

A smarter approach is to actively manage your Internet traffic. This is where the Aspen application switch comes in. The Aspen application switch can manage all your Internet traffic on all your Internet connections. Priority can be assigned to specific types of traffic to guarantee they are allocated enough Internet bandwidth. Other traffic can be steered to separate Internet links so primary links are not overloaded. Undesirable traffic can be dropped to prevent them from consuming valuable bandwidth. You have full control on how your Internet bandwidth is used.

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