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VPN Failover

Tunnel Failover with No Packet Loss

Tunnel Load Balancing

"Voice Over VPN" Optimization

Steer Voice and Data Over Separate Tunnels

Fast Failover without Breaking Call

Bandwidth Controls for Non-VPN Internet Traffic

Transparent Drop-In Compatibility

Compatible with Most VPN Security Gateways

VPN Solution

A virtual private network is a key component for businesses with remote offices. Inter-office phone calls, access to corporate databases and servers are all done over VPN infrastructure. An Internet outage can affect connectivity with several remote offices. This results in lost productivity that can adversely affect the bottom line of your business.

Drop-In Compatibility

Adding additional Internet links will improve the overall network reliability. However, existing VPN devices cannot automatically take advantage of the extra links. The Aspen VPN solution solves this problem by steering VPN traffic to available Internet links. There is no need to change or reconfigure any of your existing VPN devices. The Aspen application switch will work seamlessly with your existing VPN equipment. One Aspen N2000 is required as well as an Aspen 365 Branch at each remote site that requires VPN redundancy.

VoIP Prioritization

The Aspen application switch can detect VoIP streams within the VPN traffic. This voice traffic can then be given priority and placed on the preferred Internet link. The quality of inter-office calls should improve dramatically during periods of peak data use across the VPN.

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