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Multi-home Web Servers without BGP

Supports up to 8 Internet Links.

No DNS Record Changes Necessary

Load Balance ISP Access for up to 300 Domains Per Web Server

Minimize Web Site Downtime with Quick Inbound Failover

Monitor DNS Server Health

Answers for Protected Domains in the Event that All DNS Servers Fail

Monitor Web Server Health

Unique Support for Server and Firewall Redundancy

Dual Active Firewalls Can Be Maintained

"Admin Down and Admin Up" Servers at Will While Keeping Web Site Up

Security-Related Attack Recovery

Web Hosting Solution

Web hosting providers are particularly vulnerable to Internet outages. An outage can take hundreds of domains off line. The Aspen N2000 application switch allows Web hosting providers to easily multi-home their Web servers by adding up to 8 Internet links. When an Internet connection fails, the Web domain will still be accessible from the outside world via the remaining Internet links.

How It Works

When a Web browser requests a Web page, a DNS request is sent to the authoritative DNS server. The DNS response from the server will be intercepted or gleaned by the Aspen switch. Depending on how the load balancing parameters are set, the Aspen may rewrite the DNS response with the desired Internet connection(s) for the Web browser to use. Failed or administratively inactive Internet connections will be omitted from the list.

Aspen's solution is unique and flexible, and is designed to work with a customer's existing DNS infrastructure. Unlike some competing solutions, the Aspen switch is never required to be real DNS server, either primary or secondary. Instead, it uses a transparent DNS cache with dynamic learning of observed DNS traffic, and is extremely seamless and non-intrusive. Our solution works equally well in all 3 common cases (1) customer hosts own DNS servers, including primary and secondary, at premises , or (2) customer outsources DNS servers (both primary and secondary) to an ISP or external service provider, or (3) customer hosts some DNS servers at premises, and outsources some additional servers to an external providers.

Server and Firewall Redundancy

The Aspen solution for Web hosting and Web hosting providers also has a feature that enables maximum server and firewall uptime. Dual servers of any type (Web, FTP, others) and dual Firewalls (with both firewalls being independent and active) can be installed on the LAN facing side of the Aspen appliance. In the event of an IP server or firewall being taken down, the Aspen appliance will automatically re-route inbound application traffic to the correct server or firewall. Benefits include the ability to "admin down" servers or firewalls at will for maintenance. Another key benefit is quick recovery from firewall or server failures, including failures arising from some types of sustained hacking or DDOS attacks.

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