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Hosted VoIP


BroadSoft Certified


Quick SIP/RTP WAN Failover

SIP Server Survivability

SIP Registration Rate Pacing

Local Call Routing

BroadSoft Remote Survivability (Extension Dialing)

VoIP WAN Link Prioritization


VoIP Firewall with Dynamic Pinhole Creation

SBC Feature to Support Phones That are Already Behind an Existing Firewall

DHCP with Support for Multiple Pools

Assign DHCP Based on Vendor OUI in MAC Address

Hosted VoIP Solution

The Aspen 365 VoIP is designed with the hosted VoIP service provider in mind. We worked closely with our hosted VoIP partners to develop the key features to enhance VoIP reliability and improve the end user experience.

VoIP Reliability

Normally, SIP phones connect to the SIP server over the Internet using a single Internet link. If that link fails, VoIP phone service will be lost. To many companies, the loss of phone service is unacceptable. To address this issue, the Aspen 360 VoIP will automatically reroute the SIP and RTP traffic from the failed Internet link to the remaining links. Once the failed link comes back up, the voice traffic will be migrated back.

SIP Survivability

In a healthy VoIP network, SIP phones need to be able to contact the SIP server or session border controller. A failure somewhere in the Internet can cause connectivity issues in a wide area. By having multiple Internet connections, the SIP server may still be reachable from one of the Internet links. The Aspen will detect when access to the SIP server is inaccessible from any Internet link and move the SIP traffic to the link where the SIP server is still accessible.

Voice and Data Convergence

The Aspen 365 VoIP is designed to manage the convergence of voice and data on your network. Voice traffic is extremely sensitive to delays. Mixing voice and data arbitrarily will often result in choppy voice quality. The Aspen can manage the voice and data convergence in several ways:

  1. Voice traffic can be routed on one internet link and data routed to the other link. This cleanly separates voice and data.
  2. In the event of an internet link outage, voice and data will be placed on the remaing link. The Aspen will employ link level QoS to insure voice quality is not affected by the presence of data traffic.
  3. Often there is spare bandwidth on VoIP only links that can be used by data traffic. The Aspen can utilize this extra bandwidth for data. When the bandwidth is needed for voice, the data traffic will be placed on the other internet links.


The Aspen 365 VoIP is Broadsoft certified. It will work with all major SIP server and session border controller manufacturers. The Aspen can be configured to behave as a full SIP transparent proxy. It can also be configured to act as the gateway for the SIP devices. It can even be configured to pass SIP traffic unmodified to a SBC. Unlike most devices, the Aspen can work with SIP phones behind an existing firewall. There is no need to rewire your network to make it VoIP ready.

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