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Multi-WAN Router Applications


Internet High Availability

- BGP not required

- Supports up to 8 diverse ISPs (T3/E3, T1/E1, Cable, DSL, WISP, etc.)

- Controlled failover using ordered ISP list

ISP Service Level Agreement(SLA) Monitoring

- Statistics

- Round trip time latencies

- Actual measured in/out bandwidth

Internet High Availability and Multi-WAN Routing

Looking for Internet redundancy? An Internet outage or slowdown can greatly hamper a company's ability to conduct business. Most requirements for Internet High Availability can be addressed with Aspen's N2000 and Aspen 365 application layer switches, all of which include an optional NAT based firewall/router and several other key features. Unlike conventional routers, the Aspen switches install transparently into a variety of existing customer configurations - there is usually no need to reconfigure or move existing firewalls and routers. While the Aspen can perform IP routing, its external personality is that of a transparent Ethernet switch. The main benefit is that conventional T1 and T3 WAN links can now be intelligently combined with new broadband technologies such as DSL, cable and wireless to bring about a superior cost-performance-risk tradeoff.

Gartner recently advised its clients to "multi-home every location that requires mission-critical Internet connectivity, including externally hosted Web sites." At Aspen Networks, we help ensure high Internet availability by integrating redundant Internet connections into your overall network architecture, simply and seamlessly. We want your network to be there when you need it most - day and night, 365 days a year.

Load Balancing and Bandwidth Control

Aspen's switches feature not only conventional load balancing, but also fine grained policy controls that steer application flows via specified ISP paths. Critical traffic such as VPN and VoIP can be placed on T1 links, while Web surfing traffic can be placed on asymmetric DSL or cable links. Ordered fail over lists can be configured on an application by application basis.

ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitoring

The Aspen 365 application switch continuously monitors the status and health of all WAN links to and from the edge of your network. The Aspen application switch also gathers statistics such as round trip time latencies and actual measured in/out bandwidth. With our patent-pending technology, we're able to detect and fail-over bad links in milliseconds. By keeping your network running around the clock, Aspen "disaster-proofs" your business and gives you something money can't buy. Peace of mind.

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