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Sajit Bhaskaran Founder, Chairman and CEO

Sajit Bhaskaran has over 25 years of experience in the computer networking industry, holding a variety of positions in engineering management, systems architecture and sales support. Prior to co-founding Aspen Networks, Mr. Bhaskaran was the original founding team system architect at Cosine Communications and the key architect of its Frame Relay over IP protocol specification.

Before Cosine, he worked at Prime Computer Inc, Proteon Inc, Wellfleet Communications, Bay Networks, NEC America, Holontech, and CyberIQ Systems. Mr. Bhaskaran holds multiple US patents in the fields of computer networks and server load balancing. He graduated with a BSc Honors in Mathematics, National University of Singapore (1981), and holds MS degrees in Computer Science (1985), and Operations Research/Statistics (1985) from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute.

John Yu Founder and Executive VP, Operations and Manufacturing

John Yu has over 25 years experience in engineering management and extensive experience setting up purchasing and manufacturing systems for high-tech startup companies. Prior to co-founding Aspen Networks, Mr. Yu was part of the original design team at Cosine Communications and was responsible for DS3 PCB design, E3/T3 line cards, and played a principal role in communications chip selection and integration. An expert hardware engineer, he previously worked at Lockheed, TRW, Singer-Link, Teradyne/Megatest, Parallax Graphics, and Cosine. Mr. Yu graduated with a BS EE, University of California, Berkeley (1974) and an MS EE, San Jose State University (1978).

Kenneth L. Crocker Board Director

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Ken Crocker has held a variety of systems engineering and management positions in a career that spans over 25 years in the computer communications industry. Most recently, Mr. Crocker was a senior product manager at Redback Networks and also one of its earliest systems engineers. Prior to working at Redback, Mr Crocker held sales engineering positions at Ascend Communications, Cascade Communications, and Proteon Inc.

Board Advisors

Nelson Abal

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